Simcoe County Regional Science and Technology Fair

Friday, April 6, 2018 - Saturday April 7, 2018

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Teachers - Helping Students

There are three keys to successful science fair projects:

1. Guide students into projects that are reasonable in scope for their time frame and grade level.
2. If students are performing tests they need to test enough times to make their conclusions valid.
3. Once students think they are finished – push them to pursue further related questions and consider where their project should go next.

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Classroom Science Projects

This PDF guide will help teachers incorporate a independent science projects in their classroom teaching. It allows for an interdisciplinary approach, covering language, science, math and art curriculum expectations.

Classroom level fairs give all students an opportunity to benefit from the experience.

School Science Fairs

School level science fairs brings the school together in a fun academic environment. Each class is given the opportunity to show off their best projects in an environment that is less formal than higher level fairs. It is an opportunity for your students to practice their presentations and to get feedback on the effectiveness of their presentation and display. This gives them an opportunity to fine tune their projects and be more relaxed at the Regional Level and beyond.

Student Guide to a good project

Here is a useful guide to give students that will help them work through the process of a project. It contains a timetable, task chart and valuable tips and ideas. It is available here in a pdf format.

Science Buddies is another excellent resource for yourself and your students.

Our resources page provides additional links that will prove useful.

Simcoe County Regional
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